A Pro Skateboarder with No Legs: The Italo Romano Story

Italo Romano is from Curitiba, south of Brazil, and he has a unique story. At 11 years of age, Italo had an accident playing with his friends which cost him both legs, and what looked like a tragedy ended up being a new way of life. He didn’t let anything put him down and started skateboarding a year after the accident. He believed in his talent and gave everything up to try to make a career out of skateboarding. He was finally able to make it happen at 23, after two video parts and many achievements in the skateboarding world. For Italo Romano, it’s “never give up, never give in, you make your own way”.

Watch Italo Romano’s inspirational story, and if this doesn’t get you pumped to get out and skate, we’re not sure what will.